What Students Say

Thanks very much to those students who bother to register with Google, my Facebook page or any other directory, and submit a review - it's not just a help to me as a self-employed musician and tutor, but it is also an encouragement to me that you feel your lessons are so worthwhile. Most of these reviews appear - or did appear - at my Google place page (I notice that Google have sometimes updated the page and removed lots of older reviews). Some reviews can also be seen at similar listings / review facilities e.g. www.freeindex.co.uk and also my Facebook page. All students' comments are much appreciated. This is a link to the Google Reviews Page.

Susan Bruce

"Watching him transcribe a song from your phone into music you can actually play yourself is amazing".

Bill is extremely patient, friendly, helpful and professional. Whether you want to learn formally, through a recognised route, or just learn to play what you want to play, he’s your man. Watching him transcribe a song from your phone into music you can actually play yourself is amazing!

Bill has not only taught my son to play guitar but has also instilled in him a real understanding of what he’s doing and given him a life-long skill. We would definitely recommend Bill to anyone, whatever stage they’re at.

Susan Bruce, Administrator, Monifieth, Angus.

Graeme Kirkpatrick

"Recommend to anyone - whatever age - an excellent teacher".

They say you are never to old to learn anything. At 58 I decided it was time to learn something new, enrolled with Bill Higgins and started to learn how to play a bass guitar. 6 months in I can feel my confidence growing and am becoming more familiar with my instrument. Bill started me with some easy scales and "walking" bass lines, quickly progressing me to learning a few tunes. Easy to play along with at home using YouTube. I would recommend Bill to anyone, whatever age, as an excellent teacher. Bill is easy to get along with, patient and encouraging and makes the lessons fun. I do 1 hour sessions every fortnight, get a bit of "homework" to keep me going and get what I consider to be good value for money. So...........if you are considering getting started, this is the place to do it.

Graeme Kirkpatrick, Pest Control Technician, Blairgowrie.

Brian Robertson

"Teaches you the style of music you want to learn to a level of your own choice".

A talented guitar player in his own right, I have found Bill to be an excellent tutor binging me on at my own pace in a relaxed friendly manner. He teaches you the style of music you want to learn to a level of your own choice while making the lessons enjoyable. I would recommend Bill to anyone, no matter there age or ability, looking for a guitar tutor.

Brian Robertson, Civil Servant, Forfar.

Peter Wakefield

"Each lesson is a pleasure".

Having played the guitar quite poorly for many years, when I retired I felt that I would like the challenge of improving my playing. Bill has been working with me for a few years. I am constantly amazed how he manages to take songs that I wish to play and arranges them so that they sound almost identical to the original performer while also providing me with a level of challenge that matches my developing abilities. His patience is boundless, which is important in my case! Each lesson is a pleasure.

Peter Wakefield, Retired History Teacher, Dundee.

Mark Cook

"Knowledgeable, patient and an incredible ability to listen".

I've been going to Bill for tuition for just over a year now, and intend doing so for a long time. I can absolutely recommend Bill as a guitar teacher, knowledgeable, patient and an incredible ability to listen to music and discern the chords and notes being played.

Mark Cook, Printing Technician, Dundee.

Archie Macfarlane

"I thought I had left it too late. Not so ....."

At the age of 61 and reaching semi-retirement I thought I had left it too late to learn to play guitar. Not so. I did my research and found Bill. He is a great teacher who teaches at my pace and most importantly my choice of music. His teaching methods are first class as is the relaxed atmosphere. After 3 months I can now play some songs and am delighted with my progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone wishing to learn to play guitar.

Archie Macfarlane, Computer Recycling Services, Dundee.

Duncan Milne

"I Have Improved Immensely"

I have been going to lessons with Bill since January 2013. Despite me being fairly inexperienced I find his teaching methods to be excellent! I have improved immensely and have been learning to play all my favourite tracks as they should sound. He is very encouraging and gives me lots of tips to practise at home. I would recommend him to beginners and experienced players alike.

Duncan Milne, Sales Consultant, Dundee.

Jenni Amos

"Patient Tuition"

I would highly recommend Bill for anyone who like me has always wanted to play guitar, but had never picked up a musical instrument in my life before! Thanks to Bill's patient tuition I can now play some of my favourite songs, and although work and family commitments mean I'm having a break from lessons, I will keep practicing and hope to continue lessons again with Bill some time in the future.

Jenni Amos, Public Relations Officer, Dundee.

Chris White


I started learning the guitar from scratch and Bill began by taking me through the very fundamentals. As I improved, Bill reacted, keeping the lessons both challenging and interesting. I had to stop taking lessons after just over a year because I left Dundee to go to university, but by the time I left I was comfortable with the guitar and all of the skills I had picked up. I was amazed how, in little over a year, I had gone from knowing nothing about the guitar to being confident in my playing. Bill is a versatile teacher capable of teaching a whole range of styles of music. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning and I would recommend Bill to anyone who was thinking about getting a guitar tutor.

Chris White, University Student, Edinburgh.

Bejan Djavadi

“Incredibly Inspiring”

Learning the guitar has never been so enjoyable. Bill's enthusiasm for guitar and tremendous range of all genres of music is incredibly inspiring. His guitar playing and teachings has made me feel to always have a guitar at hand. Before then I had struggled with countless numbers of learn-it-yourself books but could never seem to get interested as the overwhelming amount of icons, notes, and techniques would frustrate me, and the last thing I want after I am studying is more frustration. Bill made it easier showing me a step-by-step method of something that I thought would take years to comprehend yet only took five minutes. I highly recommend Bill, he is relaxed, takes interest in what you would like to learn, and clearly loves playing the guitar.

Bejan Djavadi, Student, University of Dundee.

June Brown


Everybody - if you are looking for a good guitar tutor, Bill is THE MAN...patient, canny, encouraging, easy going, so friendly and funny, his lessons are a delight. I have been going for over three months now and I am loving it....Bill builds your confidence and makes everything seem easy - you can go along with any tune and Bill will break it down and make it simple to learn. I would never have got this far without him. I so look forward to my guitar lessons and everyone I have spoken to who knows Bill thinks the same as I do. THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED.

June Brown, Entertainer / Writer, Dundee.

Simon Wells

“Highly Recommended Tutor”

I started from scratch but Bill's relaxed teaching style got me up and going very quickly. He's a nice guy and his ability to teach you based on the style of music you want to play make the lessons enjoyable and something to look forward to. Unfortunately my circumstances got in the way of my lessons but if they hadn't I'd still be going to Bill and would be eagerly anticipating my next lesson. A highly recommended guitar tutor.

Simon Wells, Medical Photographer, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Andrew Carrie

"Relaxed, Friendly & Professional"

I started lessons with Bill as a complete beginner to the guitar. After only a handful of lessons, I am now beginning to play some popular songs and am really enjoying it. Since I work offshore and my work commitments take me away Mon-Fri, Bill has been very accomodating in seeing me for lessons at weekend and evenings, often at short notice. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone interested in learning to play guitar in a relaxed, friendly, yet professional atmosphere.

Andrew Carrie, Oil Industry Consultant, Dundee.

Bill Taylor

"Very Easy To Learn From"

I find Bill very easy to learn from, he's relaxed, easy going and more interested in teaching me what I want to learn to play rather than teaching me what he wants to play. He also spends time watching and fine tuning my techniques helping me get the best out of my lessons and ensures I have a variety of things to practice in my own time. He answers my questions clearly and concisely and the little bits of wisdom explaining why some professional guitarists music is different to the mainstream is fascinating. He gently pushes me onto things I didn't think I could do, and is building my confidence through his positive feedback and encouragement. He is not only a skilled guitarist but also a teacher I would recommend to anyone.

Bill Taylor, Industrial Equipment Service Engineer, Abernyte, Perthshire.

Chris Pedley

"Great Lessons"

I have been seeing Bill for lessons for not even a year yet, my playing has improved more in that time though than it

did in the 2 years previous where I was self taught. Great lessons taught in an excellent way by a top bloke .....

pretty good player too!

Chris Pedley, Law Student, University of Dundee.

Chris Wakefield

"A Worthwhile Investment"

I started taking lessons with Bill about 8 months ago after never having previously played a musical instrument.

Regular lessons give me the motivation to keep up my practice and I have found them to be both enjoyable and

extremely rewarding. Starting with the basics I was quickly able to begin tackling some of my favourite songs. In

addition to learning specific songs, Bill also gives students the option to study the more theoretical side of playing

the guitar, including composition. Bill also has a great ability to point out the small flaws in my playing style that I

would have never noticed by myself. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Chris Wakefield, Engineering Graduate, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Hazel Forrest

"Brilliant Guitar Teacher"

I started taking guitar lessons with Bill in April of this year just before a mid-life birthday. I was initially concerned

regarding my dexterity and the ability to absorb new information but have had no such problems. You can learn as

much or as little as you want at each session, Bill is extremely patient and more than happy to go at your own pace.

It is obvious that Bill enjoys teaching and the lessons themselves are both informative and fun in a relaxed

environment. I can see myself taking lessons for a long time to come as it is so enjoyable and for one to one tuition

excellent value for money. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone thinking of taking up the guitar.

Hazel Forrest, Dental Technician, Dundee

Xinwei Chen

"Xinwei's Review"

My son is a 7 year old boy who has been learning to play guitar with Bill for a couple of months. Every time I bring my son to

his studio I stay there for the whole session, so that I know exactly what's going on with every lesson. I found Bill is not only a

professional guitarist & musician but also a very excellent teacher, having lots of experience and skills to teach to a child

without any guitar knowledge except his own interest. More importantly, Bill makes key notes and diagrams during his

teaching which can be brought back home for children to practice on. Bill is also very warm-hearted, patient and punctual. I

would have no hesitation recommending you to choose Bill as the tutor, should your child be interested in learning to play the


Xinwei Chen, West End, Dundee

Lorna McCurrach

"Excellent Guitar Teacher"

I started lessons with Bill a couple of months ago; on a whim and as a complete novice at 46 years old! I was

nervous about my poor concentration, terrible co-ordination and a whole host of potential barriers to learning an

instrument as an adult. However, all that has gone and I am thrilled with how far I have come on. He is patient, calm

and extremely knowedgeable. I never feel embarassed if I make a mistake and his gentle encouragement has

boosted my confidence. His teaching methods are great and if, like me you worry about starting as an adult then

forget it; Bill adapts his teaching method to your individual learning needs. I would definitely recommend Bill to

anyone thinking of taking up guitar; its a very worthwhile experience.

Lorna McCurrach‎, Social Work Manager, Perth

Alan B

"Alan Boylan's Review"

I have been a student of Bill's for approximately 6 years, and he has taken me from not being able to play at all to

being a competent guitarist. I have found that learning has been an enjoyable and positive experience. And to this

day I am still learning much from this vastly expierenced tutor, and all at my own pace and in my own way. The

classes are enjoyable and to the point - no messing, no fuss. Bill will ask you when you first start " do you want to be

a strummer or do you want to learn to play properly?". I urge you to take the second option you wont regret it. I have

recommended Bill to many people, and any that I have met again have always been full of praise for his efforts in

getting a son or daughter through their school music exams or even an old timer like me who just fancied giving it a

try 6 years ago and still enjoying it. Regardless of your level of competence Bill will improve your skill levels and you

will have fun doing it, ta very much for the last 6 years - here's to many more.

Alan Boylan, Social Services Employee / Carer, Fintry, Dundee

Freya Allan

"Really Great Guitar Teacher!"

Bill is a really great teacher. He's been teaching me for a few weeks now and I feel much more confident on the

guitar. The lessons are enjoyable, Bill is very patient, and they are great value for money!

Freya Allan, Art Student, University of Dundee

Kenny H

"Such Enjoyable Lessons!"

I have been taking guitar lessons from Bill for a few months now and due to his teaching methods feel my playing

has come on a great deal. Bill has an easy going manner which creates a relaxing learning environment and he is

patient in ensuring his teaching point has been fully understood. I always enjoy the lesson. The only downside is that

my one hour lesson always seems to be over all too quick. However there is always the next lesson to look forward


Kenny H, Tayside Fire and Rescue

Derek Hynd

"Guitar Tuition"

Bill is an excellent teacher and after my other teacher failed me I managed to find Bill ..... he is the most patient

teacher ever - if you can't get it, he will work with you until you do. All in all I would highly recommend Bill if you wish

to learn how to play guitar.

Derek Hynd, IT Technician, Kinross

Jack Dyer

"Guitar Man Bill"

I have been going to Bill for a few months and I am amazed at how I have come on. My mum kind of forced me to

try the lessons, and now I love them. Bill has worked out the chords for all my favourite songs and it feels brilliant to

be able to play them. Jack age 11.

Jack Dyer, School Pupil, Invergowrie

Garry McKenzie

"Superb Guitar Tuition"

An excellent guitar teacher, Bill taught me to play the guitar way beyond what I thought I was capable of. The one-

on-one lessons were always at my own pace, and were both easy to understand and very enjoyable. I would highly

recommend Bill if you want to learn to play the guitar well.....5 stars!

Garry McKenzie, Furniture Retailer, Dundee

Michael O'Leary

"Awesome Guitar Teacher"

I have been going to Bill for guitar lessons since I was 7 years old, I am now 14. Bill is very patient and will go at

your own pace. Not only is he a great guitar teacher, Bill is also very friendly and makes lessons very relaxed and

fun as well as learning a lot. By learning guitar from Bill I have gotten a very high mark in music at school which has

put me in the top music class. Bill can teach anything from Country to Heavy Metal, I have enjoyed every lesson

with Bill and I highly recommend him to anyone that is thinking of learning the Guitar.

Michael O'Leary‎, School Pupil, Dundee

Sid Bremner

"Sid's Review"

I've only been going to Bill for a few weeks, but already he's made me feel like it's a pal who's teaching me - and he

has the patience of a saint. He tries to teach you what you really want to learn, then adds practical lessons to point

you in the right direction.

Sid Bremner, Property Developer / Maintenance, Dundee

Jon Kee

"Tailored Lessons"

Bill is not only a good guitarist but he is also a good teacher. He really listens to what you are looking for and tailors

your lessons toward your goals. I'd highly recommend him!

Jon Kee, Law Student, University of Dundee

Neil Henderson

"Inspiring Guitar Teacher"

Bill has been my guitar tutor since I started my lessons in January this year. Since then I have enjoyed playing the

electric guitar even more and coming for my lesson is one of the highlights of my week. His teaching methods make

me feel relaxed as he demonstates and explains things to me in a way that doesn't make me feel rushed or

frustrated. It is inspiring to watch his skills, I feel Bill is a likeable and genuine guy who I would recommend to

anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar.

Neil Henderson, Golf Course Greenkeeper, St. Andrews, Fife

Alan McCaskie

"Thanks for the insight‎"

I arrived at Bill's door at the age of 59 having taken up playing the guitar 2 years previously and had been given a

"strummers" beginning by my two earlier tutors. With nearly no knowledge of music, I played only by ear and what I

could download from the internet. On my first visit/lesson with Bill, we discussed what my goals were and how much

I wanted from my guitar. The ideas that we bounced off each other that first hour surpassed my past two years of

endeavor, before long my whole outlook, enthusiasm and appreciation of the instrument had risen tenfold. Having

been having lessons from Bill for the last 6 months he has guided me to an entirely new level of both practical and

theoretical whilst making learning music very enjoyable. I find myself gone from a very basic busker to a quite

accomplished guitar player through his guidance, encouragement and his unquestionable patience. I would have no

hesitation in recommending Bill and his teaching to anyone.

Alan McCaskie, Oil Industry Employee, Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Ian Findlay

"Patient Guitar Teacher"

My daughter and I have been students of Bill's for just over 2 years and find his style of teaching very good. Bill has

a great musical ear and has picked out every song we have wanted to learn and also taught us the scales used in

the songs. He gives a good balance of theory and practical use of the fretboard, and shows great patience when you

are learning something new. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bill to anybody from beginner to

experienced guitar player‎.

Ian Findlay, Printer Technician, Dundee

Kathleen Young

"Relaxed, Reliable and Patient"

Bill has a very relaxed persona and this aids learning ..... my son enjoyed going there ..... Bill was reliable and very patient

with him. I would recommend Bill to anyone.

Kathleen Young, Carnoustie (Review from www.freeindex.co.uk)

Alan C

"Great Teacher"

I have been having guitar lessons from Bill for many years (I am 16 years old now) and it is one of the highlights of

my weekend. I went to Bill as a complete novice and through his lessons, I now regard myself as being an

experienced guitar player. With his helpful teaching I now possess a large number of songs in my repertoire. And as I

enjoy it so much it looks like there will be plenty more songs to come.

Alan Coull, School Pupil, Balumbie, Dundee.


"8 Years of Excellence!"

I started with the Guitar Studio at the young age of 9 years old and stopped when I was 17 and had no more time for

my tuition, however the time I spent there was some of the best of my young life. Starting with basic chords I

moved on to more advanced composing and technical excersises. Indeed Bill totally influenced my musical career

and helped me on my way through the musical ladder. My time at the Guitar Studio led me onto starting up my own

band, recording, and performing on BBC Radio 1. Bill was always encouraging and fun and I could not recommend a

better person to teach guitar to either young or old budding musicians and lead them on their way to stardom, even if

it is just to themselves in their bedroom mirror. Top class tuition, top class price, top class man! I would never have

got where I am in my musical career without the help of Bill Higgins!

Eoghann McGregor, School Pupil, West End, Dundee

Leigh & Jack

"Great Guitar Teacher"

My son, who is now 8, has been taking lessons from Bill for 18 months and he absolutely loves it. He has

improved greatly over this time and absolutely loves going to his lessons. Bill allows him to pick what tune he

would like to learn and they work their way through it. I think it makes a huge difference playing what you like.

He is a really nice guy and I would recommend him to anyone.

Leigh Low, Craigie, Dundee.