About The Teacher

Guitar teacher and musician Bill Higgins is based in Dundee, specialising in one to one guitar classes for electric and acoustic guitar, & bass. He has 30 years professional experience both as a performing musician and also as a teacher. "I used to teach large classes of guitar students nearly 30 years ago at the beginning of my teaching experience, at that time they were run by the local council. These days I generally prefer to only teach one to one personal classes, occasionally very small groups if especially requested"

"I have played in many types of bands, primarily on guitar, also on bass. I am a songwriter as well as a musician and teacher. I am fortunate enough to have had my own compositions played on national radio, and I have also performed them live on national TV & radio. I have worked in most musical environments, live radio broadcasts, national TV programmes, anything from pubs & clubs, nightclubs, hotels, church, to corporate events. I've played at music festivals in front of thousands and I've played private house parties to just a few. I have been employed as a session player in recording studios, and I've taught children with Special Educational Needs. I have given music tuition to all age groups ranging from 5 years old up to the elderly".

"My client base is generally a mixture of adults of various ages, young people and school children. If you'd rather receive guitar lessons from a musician and guitar teacher with 30 years experience, then please do consider tuition at the Guitar Studio. Some of my ex-students are now professional musicians and guitar teachers themselves. One ex-student is now at the beginning of his music career recording, playing live with his band around the country and appearing on BBC Radio 1. Another is a young and successful leading guitar teacher here in Dundee. Others go on to use their newly found playing skills in the workplace - one current student of mine is currently employing her guitar skills as a therapist, helping to rehabilitate her patients at Ninewells Hospital. Some of my past students attended classes to help them through their school music exams. And many of my students play purely for pleasure. Having once thought that they were the least likely candidates to be able to play a musical instrument, they are now able to play for themselves, join in and improvise with other musicians, and entertain family and friends".

"I believe if I have one strength, it is that I am able to make the business of playing the guitar simple, easy to understand, and achievable to absolutely everybody that I teach".